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People Are Spotting Something Odd About This Netflix Movie Poster

Here is the cover photo from a Netflix movie. Something is amiss with it – can you work out what it is?

Few things are more of a cringe than seeing a badly photoshopped picture, which is why it’s always best to hire a professional if you want things done properly.
These guys know what they’re doing, right? They spend all day everyday working on intricate visual details like retouching wrinkles, nipping waistlines, airbrushing blemishes and re-configuring backgrounds. There’s no way they’d, oh, I don’t know, put someone’s entire fucking arm on the wrong way round.
Or is there?

Unless this is part of the plot, who ever the brains behind Netflix original movie The Babysitter hired to design and edit their cover photo needs a few basic lessons in human anatomy.
If you can’t spot it straight away what is wrong with you, it’s literally staring you right in the face, but if you really are struggling to see it, try replicating that same pose with your arms behind your back and notice that the thumb of your left hand is on the opposite side.
The blunder was first spotted by eagle-eyed Redditors, as is very often the case with these sorts of things, and is now going viral.

Is it me, or does “The Babysitter” have two right hands? from funny

Mind you, we might all look like total fucking morons when we actually watch the film and turns out to be all about a babysitter with two right hands and all the scrapes she gets herself into as a result.

But that’s unlikely to be the case since nothing about it is mentioned in the synopsis: “When Cole stays up past his bedtime, he discovers that his hot babysitter is part of a satanic cult that will stop at nothing to keep him quiet.”

Nope, no mention of any double right hands in there, but I suppose we won’t know for sure until we give it a watch.


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